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Bumbu Tabur - Snack - Seasoning Powder - Keripik - Kentang

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Bumbu Tabur - Snack - Seasoning Powder - Keripik - Kentang
Bumbu Tabur - Snack - Seasoning Powder - Keripik - Kentang
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Name:Mr. Vidi Christyanto [Marketing]
Instant Messaging:
Mobile Number:085782261322
Phone Number:+62-21-88856460
Fax Number:+62-21-88856460
Address:Ruko Griya Bintara AA No 2, Jl. Raya Bintara, Bekasi Barat 17134
Bekasi 17134, Jawa Barat
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Registration Date:Jun. 21, 2012
Last Updated:Aug. 05, 2013
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Food & Beverage category

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Visit: Sale www.bumbutabur.net Seasoning Powder | Agent Seasoning Powder | Powder Seasoning Distributor | Wholesale Loose Spices | Seasoning Powder Shop | Online Seasoning Powder

BumbuTabur.Net engaged in food ingredient distributor where we specialize in selling spice blushes with the quality and price are guaranteed. As for some of our products include: barbeque flavor seasoning sow, sow sense Balado spice, seasoning cheese flavor super sow, sow herbs roasted corn flavor, chicken flavor seasoning sow onions, shrimp paste powder, garlic powder, seasoning sow sense of prawns ( shrimp powder) , spicy chili seasoning level 1-10, sow flavor seasoning rendang, sambal green herbs, spices sow pizza flavor, orange flavor seasoning Balado, Balado spice curry, spicy bbq flavor sow. For now we have to supply to the company' s snacks, snacks SMEs, as well as retail.

BumbuTabur.Net has been established since 2008 and is currently growing marketnya to the entire archipelago. The spices we sell are suitable food grade standards and has received halal.

sow herbs, seasoning powder, seasoning chips, seasoning powder, seasoning powder, seasoning cassava chips, snack seasonings, condiments selling sow, sow chips seasoning, seasoning fries, crispy mushroom seasoning.

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